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[testimonial_wrap][testimonial]Vijay was my attorney for a speeding ticket and suspended license. We went to court at the Skokie Courthouse, and I did not have to say a word to the judge or prosecutor. Vijay talked to them for a bit, and my offenses were thrown out! Vijay did a great job of keeping me informed of the process, before, during and after the court appearance. He knows alot of people there, and was very helpful in letting me know what to do after the tickets were removed. I would definitely recommend Vijay to my family and friends, as I was very satisfied with his professionalism and knowledge of the law.[client_name]Avvo.com Client Review[/client_name][/testimonial][testimonial]Vijay Sharma is a great attorney. He takes time to understand the situation and present a solution to the problem. He is someone I would choose to work with to represent our company where legal issues are concerned.[client_name]LinkedIn.com Review[/client_name][/testimonial][testimonial]“Vijay is a bright and ambitious lawyer. I’ve worked with him on several cases including a jury trial. He gives everything his all and works very hard for his clients.”[client_name]LinkedIn.com Review[/client_name][/testimonial][testimonial]Vijay took care of my DUI. He is very knowledgeable and cares about his clients. He made me feel like I was the only client he had. his charges were reasonable under the circumstances, But he told me a great thing before I walked in, he said “I’m your shield and I’ll try to protect you from everything.” and he did. Vijay is a Great Lawyer![client_name]Avvo.com Client Review[/client_name][/testimonial][/testimonial_wrap]

Driving while your license is suspended is a misdemeanor in Illinois. This means the maximum penalty can be one year in jail and a $2500 fine.

Many of Vijay R. Sharma’s clients are charged with driving while suspended without knowing they were not allowed to drive. While others felt that they were forced to drive while suspended or revoked to get to and from work or to get to their children.

Vijay R. Sharma acts as of voice for his clients. If they felt they had to drive to allow their family to eat, Mr. Sharma makes sure to tell the Judge and Prosecutor.

We take a proactive stance to mitigate and reduce the damage caused by this offense. Whether that means telling our clients how to clear their suspension, or create a mitigation packet for the Prosecutor to review, we find a way.

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