My Favorite App: Notability

My favorite app for this week is Notability

This app has really proven itself to me. I still take notes like a prosecutor, meaning that I write in shorthand when I am in court. My shorthand is also much faster than my typing ability. While there are 1 million apps which will allow you to take notes, Notability was the best one that let you take hand written notes.

You can start by organizing notes by Category or Subject and quickly create a new note. But its real strength lies in being able to import notes from other apps.

I can also import pictures and PDF documents as a new note where I can write directly on them, as I do with my case coversheet. But the largest benefit to me is the ability for my notes to auto sync with my secure Cloud Drive where I can view it from my home computer. But If I need to take more notes, it’s right in my iPad folder waiting for me.

I will never leave my shorthand behind since it is such a integral part of how I work, but this app allows me to split the difference by digitally saving my notes after I’ve made them.

When I had mentioned earlier that I was able to cut and paste relevant portions from a case into my trial notes, my trial notes were on notability. In a rush, I had left my blank yellow pad in my car as I was about to begin a trial. I simply created a new note and began the short trial without a single hiccup, crash, or miscue.

As I look at the document today, my scribbled handwriting is above and below the clean typewritten case law which is covered in the in-app highlighting.

 Notability did it’s job well, so I was able to do my job well.[hr]

Notability is available at the App Store


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