What Should I Do When I Get to Court

I just addressed how to dress for court. Now let’s look at what you need to do when you get there. This post will be relatively short and to the point.

When you have to go to court you need to realize that many other people have your same court time. This creates a back log at the security check. This will mean you may be late to court. That will mean that you may get a warrant for your arrest. Warrants are not

You Are the White Car on the Right?

good things.

So to avoid that whole deal, reach the courthouse a half hour before your court time. It’s better to wait inside where you are supposed to be than to wait outside trying to get in.

Once you are in you should proceed to your courtroom.  Check in with the clerk and then wait while every attorney and every person who needs an interpreter will go before your case will be called.

If you have an attorney then you should call or text your attorney to let then know you are there. I typically ask my clients to hold off on checking in because I will do it for them and ask them to call the case right away or hold it aside  so I can speak to the prosecutor.

Cases with attorneys typically go first because attorneys are usually juggling different courthouses. Just today I had to make a run to Waukegan on a felony and then race to Skokie for a speeding ticket. I made it everywhere on time and my client’s didn’t feel rushed about the service(yes, I asked).

The next part will deal with whether or not you need a lawyer.

You can visit my site at www.LegalDaredevil.com or call me at 847-337-2716 if you would like more information.

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