Can Police Search My Vehicle Saying He Smelled Marijuana?

The short answer is yes.

The fact your car is from a different state has no bearing on the stop. I went to Minnesota a couple years back in a newer black Nissan. I bet my companion that we were going to get pulled over. When he asked why I told him, “we have a new car with temporary plates from Illinois with 2 brown people in it.”

And then we were pulled over, twice. Now was I pulled over because I’m brown or because I was speeding.

The point is that it doesn’t matter, an illegal act is an illegal act.

Marijuana possession is illegal in Illinois, you can be arrested for it if your car is registered on Jupiter. When you are in Illinois, you are bound by Illinois law. Whether or not you agree with it.

Now, the question turns into whether the stop was valid. I had a cop tell me on the stand that he could smell UNburnt cannabis. No, the Judge didn’t buy it either.

So you are out of luck on the registration issue, but not the charge itself. The biggest issue is whether the search and seizure was proper, among other thing.

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