[hr] [testimonial_wrap][testimonial]Vijay talked to them for a bit, and my offenses were thrown out! I would definitely recommend Vijay to my family and friends[client_name]Avvo.com Client Review[/client_name][/testimonial][testimonial]Vijay Sharma is a great attorney. He takes time to understand the situation and present a solution to the problem. He is someone I would choose to work with to represent our company where legal issues are concerned.[client_name]LinkedIn.com Review[/client_name][/testimonial][testimonial]He gives everything his all and works very hard for his clients.[client_name]LinkedIn.com Review[/client_name][/testimonial][testimonial]”What happens when I get a DUI?” you should definitely call Vijay. He is remarkably skilled in the courtroom, and will always put your needs first.[client_name]Avvo.com Client Review by KJ[/client_name][/testimonial][/testimonial_wrap]


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DUI Defense at the Skokie CourthouseDUI’s

A Former Skokie Prosecutor, Mr. Sharma prepares by attacking on the day you call and preparing well before the prosecutor.[/vision_one_fourth] [vision_one_fourth]

Ticket Defense at the Skokie CourthouseTraffic Tickets

If  you received a ticket, you may need a traffic lawyer to help you navigate through the traffic court maze. [/vision_one_fourth] [vision_one_fourth]

Criminal Defense at the Skokie CourthouseCriminal Defense

Talk to Vijay Sharma, an experienced criminal defense attorney.[/vision_one_fourth] [vision_one_fourth]

Landlord/Tenant LawEvictions

Tenant eviction laws may be very specific and confusing, Vijay Sharma can help guide you through the legal web.[/vision_one_fourth] [/vision_one_fourth] [hr_shadow] [callout font_size=”13px” style=”bluegrey”] Arm yourself with the experience of a former Cook County prosecutor and College Professor who has trained future police officers, prosecutors, and defense attorneys. While nothing will constitute legal advice, can call Mr. Sharma directly on his cell phone at (847) 337-2716. [/callout]

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